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agrology n : science of soils in relation to crops

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  1. The science and art of agriculture (legal term, Canadian use)
  2. A sub-discipline of soil science which addresses optimising crop production (common usage, not acceptable to soil scientists)
  3. A sub-discipline of agronomy which addresses the influence of edaphic conditions on crop production.



the science and art of agriculture
  • Croatian: agrologija

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Agrology (from Greek: ἀγρος, agros, "tilled land"; and λόγος, logos, "speech"; lit. talk about the soil) is the branch of soil science dealing with the production of crops. The use of the term is most active in Canada. Use of the term outside of Canada is sporadic but significant. The term appears especially well established in Russia and China, with agrologists on university faculty lists and agrology curricula.
Agrology is synonymous with agricultural science when used in Canada, is nearly synonymous with the U.S. term agronomy, and has a meaning related to soil science when used outside of Canada.


The term agrologist was coined by Dr. J. B. Harrington and adopted in 1946 to fill the need in Canada to have a term to denote "provincial agriculturalist". The title of Professional Agrologist is conferred on persons with at least a Bachelor's Degree in Agriculture and who can demonstrate the qualities needed to responsibly teach, practise, or conduct experiments and research in the agricultural sciences. According the Agricultural Institute of Canada website, an agrologist can also hold a degree in a field related to agriculture, or in some provinces pass rigorous prescribed examinations to attain a professional designation. There are about 5000 agrologists in Canada as of 2004.
Within British Columbia the term "agrology" is defined by an Act of the Legislature passed in 2003 and adopted in 2004 entitled the Agrologists Act. This Act authorizes the self-governing body, the British Columbia Institute of Agrologists and those practising agrology within British Columbia do so under the following definition.
"Agrology" means using agricultural and natural sciences and agricultural and resource economics, including collecting or analyzing data or carrying out research or assessments, to design, evaluate, advise on, direct or otherwise provide professional support to
(a) the cultivation, production, improvement, processing or marketing of aquatic or terrestrial plants or animals, or
(b) the classification, management, use, conservation, protection, restoration, reclamation or enhancement of aquatic or terrestrial ecosystems that are affected by, sustain, or have the potential to sustain the cultivation or production of aquatic or terrestrial plants or animals;
BCIA, the governing body for Agrologists in British Columbia, has over 1000 registered members.
The Registrars of Professional Agrologists across Canada adopted the following definition of Agrology in May 2007.
Agrology is the practice of bioresource sciences to provide knowledge and advice to support the development of the agrciulture sector and the health of the society, environment, and economy.

Outside Canada

Outside of Canada, the term agrology is synonymous with soil science and is not in common usage in English-speaking countries.

Agrology in soil science society glossaries

Two national member societies (Canadian, American) of the International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS) maintain and publish glossaries of scientific terms. Other soil science societies defer to the American glossary. The term agrology is not in use. Edaphology or crop edaphology in combination with soil management would be the preferred approach used by soil scientists to concisely describe soil science as it applies to crop production.

Agrology dictionary definitions

As of 2004, no dictionary definition of agrology is yet consistent with the Canadian use of the term and dictionary definitions fall into one of four categories.
  1. agrology is defined as synonymous with soil science. The root agr- is represented as meaning soil.
  2. agrology is defined as synonymous with soil science, but the context implies that soil science is a subdiscipline of agricultural science.
  3. agrology is defined as the subdiscipline of soil science as it applies to crop production. This would make agrology synonymous with the term crop edaphology.
  4. agrology is defined as the subdiscipline of agronomy that considers the influence of soil.


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